Garage roofing specialists in Edinburgh

Here at Roofcraft we’ve been specialising in garage roofing services for a couple of decades. With that sort of experience and a proud reputation to look after we always give our best to you in whatever service your garage roof needs.

Need a new garage roof? Here's how we work

  • We'll visit your home to establish what needs to be done
  • The visit is then followed by full, transparent, written no obligation quotation
  • The work will be done to the higest of standards and to your complete satisfaction
  • We'll provide you with a long and unmatched manufacturer guarantees on all our work

We're fully accredited and well known throughout the Edinburgh area and we come to you with long-earned know-how of all kinds of garage roofing.

We also offer replacement of tin cladding on existing garages for all domestic and residential properties.

Each garage roofing job is unique

We understand that all jobs and customers are different. It may be that you need a temporary fix to correct a leak or small issue. This is a cost-effective way to provide short term reassurance. Perhaps however you need something more permanent that will live as long as the roof itself.

We can provide quality patches to shore the roof up. Sometimes though, you just need to start again and our complete refit services will leave your garage roof as good as new.

Your needs prioritised

We understand that your needs are unique and we will bring our experience and practical knowledge to each job. We aim for complete customer satisfaction and won’t rest until the job is done.

Still unsure?

Don’t take our word for it see our testimonials for examples of our work – it’s all around you! We're confident that, when you see our quotation, you’ll love the prices we offer – they’re sensible and affordable.

If you would like to speak to us, call us on 0131 513 9005 or write to us via the website.